About us

Track every click, scroll and keystroke on your website ✓ Any website, browser or web app ✓ Customizable set-up and instant reporting

tmons is a company founded on the principle of robustness and simplicity. We strive to create solutions which focus on the core of an issue and solve it in a way that is as simple as possible.

In the case of monitoring, it is clear to us that the best way to make sure an app will work for your user is by doing what a user does and seeing that desired results are acheived. Through clever application of AI and automation, we can do what a user does, see what a user does and provide you with better montoring than anyone else on the market.

tmons is a security and complexity conscious company. Some of our first clients were government agencies and websites offering critical services to the citizens of Latvia. Because of this, we have always strived to ensure the maximum level of security, quality and usability of our products. When you choose tmons, you can be reassured that the service you choose will be worth the money invested.

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