How it works

Track every click, scroll and keystroke on your website ✓ Any website, browser or web app ✓ Customizable set-up and instant reporting

1. Define test scenarios

First, you define the test scenarios – functions on your website that you want to be tracked. These are the crucial user journeys, like opening the home page, searching for products, logging in, requesting an invoice etc.
You can choose to define speed requirements for certain steps, for example, a product search result must be returned within 5 seconds.

2. Run tests

tmons will run your tests, simulating the user behavior going through your website and testing the functionality that you want to get tested.
Tests are run every 15min on each of the 4 most popular browsers – Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.

3. Catch errors

tmons replicates user actions and ensures that the full user journey is error-free.
If the system notices a single instance where the user journey has not been completed, we call this an ORANGE ERROR.
If the system notices the user journey cannot be completed 6 out of 10 times, we call this a RED ERROR.
If the system notices services are slower than the defined speed, we call this a YELLOW ERROR.

You can also set-up tracking for specific functions unrelated to the full customer journey with your own error set-up.

4. Notify

Depending on your choice, once an error is registered, tmons will send an email, SMS or call an individual to notify them of the issue. You will receive videos and detailed info about the error – everything you need to quickly solve the issue.
The system will also collect data on how quickly the issue is resolved and store it in your backed with all other information.

5. Analyse

tmons provides detailed reports of when errors occur, how long they lasted and how they were fixed.
This can be used to avoid issues in the future, as well as report to superiors or also insure against lacking quality from 3rd party suppliers. All information about the tests and issues is available on your tmons dashboard for easy and quick analysis and comparison.

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